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    1、 What is structural formula search? Structural formula is used to express the spatial structure of molecules, and the structure of organic compounds is generally simplified (generally without c-H bond, and sometimes without carbon-carbon single bond, and is expressed by broken lines). In our platform, we can use the structural formula of products to conduct some searches to obtain the corresponding information. 2、What is the use of structural formula search on our platform? a. In our chemical dictionary page, you can search by chemical name or CAS number. In addition to these two methods, you can also search by structural formula on our structural search page. In addition to the ability to input structures yourself, the platform also supports conversion to structural formula by image and CAS imports. b. When we need to purchase products, some products are new in the market, or some specific products are needed for our own enterprise, but these products are not available in the market. At this time, we can use the function of structural formula to draw the structural formula, contact manufacturers to customize the products we need. c. Derived SMILES, Mol File and other files through chemical structural formula. 3、 If you don't want to draw the formula, is there a more convenient way? Some chemical structural formula is more complex, it is not convenient to draw in the editor, this time you can use the file (mol file or structural formula picture) import function: a. Open structural formula search and select import button. b. select the file (pay attention to the file format), click upload, you can import to the editor. 4、 How to obtain the detailed information of the chemical through the structural formula search function when only the chemical CAS No is available? a. Enter CAS No of the product in the search box and click "Convert" to obtain the structural formula picture of the product; b. Select the "Precise full structural formula Search" option on the right and click "Search" to find the product; c.Click CAS No. or product name to enter the encyclopedia page of the chemical and find the information you want. 5、How can SMILES, Mol Files and other Files of current chemicals be obtained through structural formula search function? a.When the structural formula of the chemical is obtained, click the export button. b. Select the type of file to export to get the corresponding file.
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